dance classes

The Base Studios offer a variety of dance classes in Huddersfield town centre. Please see the different classes below but check the timetable page to see the classes currently running.


This popular energetic workout fuses Latin rhythms and easy to follow moves. Suitable for complete beginners.
For more information see Zumba Classes.

Commercial Street

Taking inspiration from music videos you will learn dance routines to popular chart hits from artists such as Rhianna, Beyonce and Chris Brown.
For more information see Commercial Street Dance.


Learn how to develop and maintain strength and flexibility through a combination of Yoga postures and exercises. For more information see Yoga Classes.


Develop skills such as alignment, articulation of the body, and shifting of weight.


An expressive and emotional style of dance created from the fusion of ballet with jazz and contemporary dance techniques. Usually danced to love ballads.

Adult Ballet

Focusing on alignment, posture and coordination, learn the elegant moves of ballet.
For more information see Ballet Classes.


An energetic and fast paced dance class focusing on syncopation and isolation of the body.


Shuffle and tap to your hearts content in this fun and rhythmic dance class.

Tai Chi

A popular Chinese mind/ body discipline. The classes focus on key principles that form the foundation of excellence in movement, robust health, optimum fitness and vibrant well-being. Suitable for all. For more information see Tai Chi Classes.

Youth Dance Academy (YDA)

For young dancers wanting to increase their technique in a range of dance styles in preparation for access to full time vocational dance training. For more information see Youth Dance Academy.

Sheridan Sherratt
Image: Sheridan Sherratt

B-boy Curtis
Image: B-boy Curtis